4th Annual Modular Construction and Prefabrication Canada

March 23 - 25, 2015

The Westin Calgary, Calgary, Alberta


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4th Annual Modular Construction & Prefabrication Canada Summit

Assessing Modular Design through Collaboration

If you attended IQPC's 3rd Annual Modular Construction & Prefabrication Canada Summit – then you are aware of the unprecedented caliber of our program. We spent three days examining everything from engineering procedures to case studies of finished projects, from conceptual perspectives on where the industry is going to concrete proposals of innovative solutions the industry is poised to adopt.

For IQPC's 4th Annual Modular Construction & Prefabrication Canada Summit – we aim to go above and beyond to provide you with the information you need in order to make some of the most crucial construction decisions that your company will make for years to come. With the decreasing cost of the barrel, the Keystone XL pipeline stuck in limbo and continuing cost-overruns for construction projects both large and small – there has NEVER been a more crucial time to attend the Modular Construction & Prefabrication Summit!

The 2015 Summit will assess the affects of modular design through the prism of ‘collaboration’ with a keen eye on keeping your costs down and preventing challenges before they arise. No single organization or individual is capable of managing a project - of the scope and scale that would require the use of modules and prefabricated buildings – alone. In order to bring attention to the necessity of a collaborative process – the entire summit – from the sessions to the summit format – has been designed with collaboration and networking in mind.

Learn about topics such as:

  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Flexibility of Configuration: Convening the Right Team for the Job – Focusing on building the right team, from across partnerships – from the earliest stage of Project Development
  • Modular Design with Transportation in Mind – Taking the transportation route and logistics into account from inception
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Enough Already! Preventing the Culture of “Project Change” in Modular Construction – Cost-Overruns often come from last minute changes to projects. How can we prevent that and save sanity and money in the process?
  • Advantages of ‘Green’ Modular Construction – How can sustainable modular building practices increase your ROI on your project delivery?
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Partnering Down the Pyramid: The Hierarchy of Pain Points - While the Owners, EPCs, Transportation Providers and Fabricators often get all of the attention; there are numerous other players in the modular process whose role in the process and input would stand to be valuable to the decision making process early on
  • ROLLING ROUNDTABLES: Three concurrent sessions focusing on topics such as the Budget Validation Process, Public Private Partnerships & Safety Considerations – all designed for engagement and interactivity in a roundtable discussion style format.

This is your opportunity to learn from some of the most well-versed, knowledgeable and inventive companies and individuals in the industry today.

Join us this March 23rd through the 25th in Calgary, AB - for Education, Networking and Collaboration as we develop the future of the modular & prefabricated space for the industry and beyond!

  • Devon Canada: The Owner’s Perspective on Modular Implementation
    There may be no one who understands the ins and outs of Modular Construction & Prefabrication like Martin Clutterbuck the Manager of Fabrication & Modularization at Devon Canada. Costs? Operations? Supply Chain? Martin, who will also speak at the upcoming Modular Construction & Prefabrication Logistics Summit Canada, addresses these three issues and more in our exclusive video interview.
  • The Ideal Market Conditions for Implementing Modular Construction & Prefabrication Facilities
    In this exclusive interview, Mike Adel, Director-Supply Chain at Access Midstream, discusses:
    - The most ideal market conditions for driving the adoption of modules and prefabrication buildings.
    - How the recent economic downturn affected Access Midstream’s decision to modularize
    - The metrics that are most important to determining the market factors affecting the energy & construction industries today
    - The benefits of pre-planning a project and how to mitigate imposing factors as much as possible

Featured Speakers

Mr. Dan Canning
Director of Construction
AMEC Foster Wheeler
Mr. Martin Clutterbuck
Manager, Fabrication & Modularization
Devon Energy Canada
Mr. Wayne Dewstow
Construction Manager
Apache Energy
Mr. Fred Haney
Executive Director, Design Engineering - Energy & Chemicals
Fluor Corporation
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